Blessing Ceremonies

photoMother Blessing Ceremonies are attended by the pregnant woman’s circle of support. We focus our attention on the joyful, and often transformational process of pregnancy, labor and birth. These sacred ceremonies are usually held at 36-38 weeks pregnant. Includes loaner books on the topic, a 30-minute planning meeting, facilitation of the one-hour sacred ceremony, and the indoor/outdoor space to hold it. Other ceremonies available upon request.


Come, let us celebrate you! $125


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“Although I was a bit anxious about having a Mother’s Blessing Ceremony (would my guests be uncomfortable? would I be able to open up and express my wishes and fears to the group?), the experience ended up being one of the most powerful of my entire pregnancy. Hearing what others felt about me, how strongly they believed in me and how much they shared in my hopes and dreams for a VBAC was overwhelming. There is something truly special about being a woman… we are able to bond on an emotional level that truly transcends age and background. Having a Mother’s Blessing Ceremony was an opportunity to bond with women I’ve known and been friends with for years on a totally different level. I left the event feeling like I had the strength of everyone within me, urging me on and comforting me. When my labor began a few days later, I felt their strength again… the calm and powerful love of a group of women within me… welcoming the progress of my labor and ultimately sharing in the joy when I held my baby to my chest for the first time. Linda has such a powerful sense of calm and love. Just sit near her or allow her to give you a hug and you will feel it. I will always feel blessed to have been able to have her strength and wisdom with me during my pregnancy and demonstrated with such beauty during my Mother’s Blessing Ceremony. It’s a memory I will always cherish. Thank you, Linda.” – Dr. Keegan Sheridan